Threats Lead to Cease and Desist Order

The order follows threats of indictment against a Madisonville Police Dept. officer over jurisdiction issues.
A dispute between two Tri-State law enforcement agencies boils over with threats and court orders.  Hopkins County Attorney Todd P'Pool issued a cease and desist order after alleged threats against a Madisonville Police officer for working on cases outside city limits.

The Hopkins County seal may boast unity, but a long simmering dispute is certainly dividing the people.

"There's no legal basis ever to make those threats," said Hopkins Co. Attorney Todd P'Pool.

Judge Executive Donald Carroll and Sheriff Frank Latham threatened to indict Madisonville Police Lieutenant Josh Mitchell for doing police work outside city limits.

"To threaten a criminal indictment on a fellow police officer is so over the top," P'Pool says.

So over the top, he filed a cease and desist order. P'Pool says state law shows in certain cases, MPD has jurisdiction in the county.

"Just like Kentucky State Poilce officers have state wide jurisdiction, when a county contains a town the size of Madisonville, those officers can have county-wide jurisdiction and they should be able to do their job without interference," he adds.

But Judge Executive Carroll questions whether P'Pool has the right to issue such an order.

"Any kind of order would've had to come from a judge and, basically, it's to his own client," Carroll says. "It should've been something that should've done in closed session."

Meanwhile, all sides involved still plan to discuss how to solve the issue over jurisdiction and how to better unite county officials.
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