Tips for Avoiding Dining Out Meltdowns

Jennifer Chappell, Green River District Health, Department shares tips for eating out with young kids
Jennifer Chappell, Green River District Health Department, HANDS

Tips for Dining Out With Toddlers

Select a child-friendly restaurant
Bring a small container filled with quiet special toys and books
Find a table away form crowds and noise
Keep a container with snacks
Ask for child’s meal to be brought asap/complementary crackers/bread
Have family/friend walk around w/ fussy child
Don’t expect a long, quiet, leisurely dinner out
At toddler age, establish a few age-appropriate rules
Be aware of allergens/ Smoking Rules/ dress attire : )
Go when child is less likely to be irritable

What To Bring

Snacks/baby food
Wet clothes
Change of clothes/diaper
Special toys/books
Plastic table mat
Mat for changing diaper
Plastic bag for dirty items
Crayon/notepad for older children
Security toy/blanket/pacifier

Duct Tape Crayon Roll Activity

Supplies Needed:
Various Rolls of Duct Tape
Cutting Mat
Ruler/Tape measure
Cutting tool/scissors/razor

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