Tri-State Students Learn the Ropes in Washington

Several tri-state residents are taking the next step in their education to the nation's capitol.
Several tri-state residents are taking the next step in their education to the nation's capitol.
They are acting as interns for U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana.
Our Eyewitness News intern Mannie Holmes has their story.
Bri Ikerd, Andrew Merkley, and E.B. Mumford spend their days in the halls of Congress.
Andrew says, an internship on Capitol Hill is perfect for a hoosier interested in politics.
"Having worked on his campaign, I decided you know i really liked Joe, I wanna get out here and I wanna intern for him… I wanna help his cause and hopefully find a job out here."
The interns rotate through the office among the legislative, communications and administrative teams.
"I'm on the legislative team right now so in the mornings, sometimes I'll be working with phones, speaking with constituents, I'm researching different policy issues."
But the best part of their job? Showing visitors what Washington has to offer.
"The most fun though is when I get to get out of the office and give tours to our constituents."
The nation's Capitol is very different from home.
"Transportation and entertainment are of course more fast-paced than Evansville is."
"The culture shock, of coming here and having the metro system."
E.B. misses helping his family on their Indiana farm.
"However, being here in Senator Donnelly's office… it's a little bubble of Hoosierdom, I mean it's great. We have people from all over the state who really do bring the good of hardworking Hoosiers here to the Capitol."
Winning a Capitol Hill internship, thousands of students from all over the country apply for the coveted spots.
Mumford advises and encourages all young college and/or high school students to apply for the internships. He says there's no better way to learn about the United States.
Donnelly's office offers internships throughout the year. Anyone interested can contact the Senator's office.
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