Update: Superintendent's Response to Teacher's Arrest

Fairfield School District Superintendent David Savage responds to Timothy Going's arrest. Going is a math teach and cross country track coach at Fairfield High School. School officials say the custodial staff found a video recorder in the girl's locker room.
This is an update to a story we brought you earlier. Fairfield High School math teacher and cross country track coach was arrested for unlawful videotaping. School officials say the custodial staff found a video recorder in the girl's locker room earlier in the week. This is Fairfield School District Superintendent David Savage's response:

"Fairfield High school math teacher and track coach Timothy Going has been suspended with pay pending completion of a police investigation follow the arrest Friday of Mr. going for allegedly unlawfully videotaping students.

Earlier this week, custodial staff discovered what appeared to be a video recording device in the girls locker room at the high school. School officials immediately secured the area, contacted the Fairfield Police Department and have been cooperating with the law enforcement investigation.

Mr. Going's suspension pending completion of the investigation is according to school district policy. A substitute teacher will take over his teaching duties for the remainder of the school year. Counselors also will be available to meet with students.

We cannot discuss any further details because of the ongoing police investigation. Anyone having information pertinent to this situation should contact the Fairfield Police Department.

The safety and welfare of our students is a top priority in the Fairfield School District and we appreciate the quick action taken by staff to report this situation and by the law enforcement agencies involved for their immediate response to resolve the situation."

Going is being held in the Wayne County Jail without bond. He is expected to make a court appearance sometime early this week.

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