Using Teamwork For Big, And Small, Builds

Looking at why it takes teamwork to finish a brand new home whether the job is big - or in this case, very small.
Our Eyewitness News Special Project - 30 Years: The Habitat Story - tonight we look at why it takes teamwork to finish a brand new home whether the job is big - or in this case very small. The scene we take you to is a symbol of the American Dream - the front porch.

Take a close look at your home - chances are you may not dwell on the nooks and crannies of how your house is put together. But at our
Eyewitness News sponsored Habitat Home, Chief Photographer John Simpson and I got a first hand look at that last piece of the home that can sometimes pose a challenge.

"This is a perfect example of patience that is required to get the soffit in a very, very tight space and we have to make it look nice - if we make it too short or too long it won't fit so it takes patience to work," said Jim Haven.

Through constant tugging, adjusting and extreme patience, the finishing touch - the bow on the ribbon is put in place.

"This is pride. Think of your work as it is a symbol of what you are as a person with excellence and this is crazy but we like to do that.
We often say put your autograph on your work. Well we don't autograph every piece we use but it is a sense of pride. We drive by these homes and the inspectors come by tell us these are among the best houses built in Evansville," said Jim Haven.

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