Western Kentucky Couple Arrested for Endangering Welfare of Minors

A western Kentucky couple arrested for endangering the welfare of a minor.
Dakota Daugherty (Ohio County Jail)
Dakota Daugherty (Ohio County Jail)
Lena Aubrey (Ohio County Jail)
Lena Aubrey (Ohio County Jail)
A western Kentucky couple arrested for endangering the welfare of a minor. The Ohio County Sheriff's Office arrested Dakota Daugherty and Lena Aubrey today at their home in Hartford.

A deputy was following up an investigation of an accident, where he found a 6-year-old outside along while the adults were inside sleeping. The child reportedly told the deputy he sneaks out of the house frequently while the adults are sleeping.

The deputy then reported hearing an infant crying inside the home and saw the child through a window lying on her stomach and not moving but crying. The sheriff's office says the deputy knocked on the door several times before entering. He says the home had no electricity and no running water.

The deputy reports the infant was lying face down in a puddle of her own urine with a diaper overflowing with feces. The Ohio County EMS and Child Protective Services were called to the home to examine the living conditions. The two children were then removed from the home.

Daugherty and Aubrey are charged with two counts of second degree criminal abuse and two counts of endangering the welfare of a minor. They are being held in the Ohio County Detention Center.
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