Western Kentucky Republicans Plan for November

Sen. Rand Paul met with western Kentucky lawmakers and candidates about the upcoming election.
Kentucky Republicans say they like their chances to win back the state house in the upcoming elections. The G.O.P. has not held the majority in the chamber since the early 1920s, but they only need to gain five seats to do it this year, and a Kentucky republican heavyweight is helping them do it..

"What a great group of candidates we have assembled here today," says State Sen. Joe Bowen.

None of these candidates and lawmakers were alive the last time Republicans controlled the state house.

"I think it's about time we try it again," says Sen. Rand Paul.

Kentucky Republicans say momentum is on their side to gain control of the house for the first time in more than 90 years.  Senator Rand Paul says one reason is a disconnect between the national Democratic party and some Kentucky Democrats on issues like health care, and coal.

"We haven't seen the aftermath of what's going to happen whenever the federal government, after they quit subsidizing our state, with the advancement of Medicaid, what's going to happen to us then?" asks Rep. Suzanne Miles of Owensboro.

"We've lost thousands of jobs in the coal industry, primarily because of President Obama's policies, and Harry Reid's policies," Paul adds. "I think that translates all the way to state politics as well, so I think a lot of conservative democrats are re-evaluating."

But the party's still working on unifying after the intense senate primary between Senator Mitch McConnell and Matt Bevin.  Paul says the party will come together in time for November.

"We had spirited primaries. I had a spirited primary in mine, but over 90% of Republicans voted for me, and I think this will happen in the fall too," he says.

Some national Republicans are calling for the party to moderate its message for the November election.  But Bowen says their message is fine.
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