'Widow Maker' Heart Attack Survivor Still Present for Granddaughter's Wedding

Floyd Carter survived two 'Widow Maker' heart attacks. Only 1% survive a single attack. Awaiting surgery at St. Mary's Hospital, 150 miles away from his granddaughter's wedding, Carter was still able to sit front and center to see her tie the knot.
Some argue technology makes people anti-social. That human contact and face to face conversation is lost through texting. But sometimes technology can bring people together when the circumstances seem impossible.

Floyd Carter suffered his first heart attack in 2007. One of the main arteries to his heart was 98% blocked.
"Only one percent survive the Widow Maker the first time. He (the doctor) said you won't survive the next one," said Carter.

Carter has survived two of them. The most recent one kept him away from a life event he dearly wanted to attend, his granddaughter's wedding.

"Doctor said I could, but I might not come back. So I didn't want to chance it," said Carter.

With two iPad's and an app Carter was able to sit front and center at his granddaughter's wedding. "This is just like being in church you know it?"
In his 74 years Carter has seen technology change the way we communicate. Until yesterday he didn't even know something like this was possible. And he's still has to go through a bit of a learning curve.

"I'm not that hard of hearing. I can understand you, but you're talking two or three at a time," shouted Carter at his family members on the other end of the iPad. But he's quickly catching on. "We're going to party later."

As the bride and groom stated their vows Floyd dabbed his wet eyes as if he was hearing them in person. "I feel like I was there. Close as I could get. And I feel like they included me in what they were doing today," said Carter.

He says he cheated life twice by surviving a pair of severe heart attacks. Today he cheats both time and space by sitting 150 miles away and still making it to the church on time. 

"I'll always remember it as long as I live."

He undergoes heart surgery on Tuesday.

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