Winds, Rain Cause Problems in Daviess County Town

Several downed power poles cause Highway 60 to be closed for several hours Monday.
As this storm front moves in, another community is feeling the fallout of high winds last night.  Highway 60 is back open after being closed for several hours due to downed power lines.  This caused hundreds of people to lose power in Daviess and Henderson Counties.

"All of a sudden it's just a bunch of hard winds."

The hard winds are gone, but not what it left behind.  Downed trees, power poles, and street signs.

"It wasn't all that dark," says Sue Harney of Stanley. "The clouds and everything, it wasn't really that dark. I didn't think there was going to be any wind until I got into the house and then it started blowing."

"We didn't have much a jar, just a small thud. Wife looked out the front door and we had this big tree down here in the front yard," adds William Davis.

Transportation officials say several poles were knocked down just after 6:00 PM Monday near Highway 60, closing it for nearly five hours.

"It was a lot of semi trucks backed up quite a ways.," Harney adds. "Both ways."

Crews started replacing the poles on Monday morning.  Kenergy officials say 450 customers lost power last night because of the downed lines.  Stanley firefighters say three people were trapped in this concession stand after a tree blocked them in.  Firefighters had to use chainsaws to get them out.  But very few homes suffered any damages during the strong winds.

"We've been real lucky, the last several storms that have been through," Davis adds. "We've been real lucky with the damage."

But the threat of more bad weather, and damage, still lingers.

"The way the weather's been panning out, one of these days we're gonna be in for a good round," says Davis.

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