Winter Weather Making Impact on Goodwill Donations

Goodwill officials say donations are down compared to last winter.
Non-profit groups are feeling the impact of this bad winter. Goodwill officials say its putting a dent on donations in the Tri-State.

When it snows, traffic slows down. Well, most of it. But at the Goodwill in Owensboro the traffic, and the donations, have slowed down.

"It's just that time of year," says Tommy Moseley, who has worked there for nine years. "It's always been that way since I've been here."

Especially this winter. Officials at Goodwill Industries of Kentucky say they're down by thousands of donations from this time last year.

"This is one of the worst winters I've seen in a long time," says Teresa McKeethen of Evansville Goodwill Industries.  She says stores in the Tri-State have up to three weeks of goods to keep the shelves full when the donations aren't.

"We are lucky enough to store some of our donations in the bigger seasons, where we get busier, we can hold on to them and put them into trailers. And, when something like this happens, and the weather is bad, people aren't donating as much, we are able to pull out of those trailers," she says.

But like this winter, officials hope this drop doesn't last much longer.

"Spring is coming. I promise you, it will pick up," says Moseley. "I know they will. Been here too long to know different."

But not all stores are seeing this. Officials with the St. Vincent De Paul Society say donations at their Owensboro store are up compared to this time last year. Goodwill officials say they fear they'll run out of their reserves if the cold weather continues for another month.
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