Zellers' Distinxion Camp Teaches Basketball/Life Lessons

Distinxion is a non-profit organization aimed to help young people become champions.
        The Zeller family is one of the more recognizable in Southern Indiana. The three Zeller boys each were named Indiana's Mr. Basketball, each played Division I college basketball and each spent time or is spending time in the NBA. Luke Zeller, the oldest of the three, is now using his talent and life experience to help kids.
        Luke is president of the Distinxion basketball camp, founded by the Zeller family.  The camp's goal is to, of course, develop basketball and cheerleading skills, but also to help develop life skills as well.
        "Our acronym is C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N," says the seven foot Luke.  "Character, Honesty, Attitude, Motivation, Perserverance, I am responsible, Optimism, Network of friends and Serve others. We just want to teach them the very basics of character development. The first thing we teach is good handshake and good eye contact. That's gonna go a lot longer and pass when the ball is done bouncing."
        This camp was only the first of two in Evansville this summer. The second is scheduled for August 15-17 at the downtown Evansville YMCA.  You can find information on how to get your kids involved and how you can volunteer to help at the organization's website by clicking this link.
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