Damage Assessment Teams Tour Storm Damaged Areas

Red Cross teams took a closer look at parts of Henderson and Union Counties after severe storms and tornadoes went through the Tri-State.
Power and cable crews continue their work, but the work's just beginning for Red Cross volunteers. They were in Henderson and Union counties, taking a closer look at the damage.

When driving, you look out for other drivers and surprises. But Todd Edgell and Stan Scott are looking out for something else: storm damage. They're one of the Red Cross Damage Assessment Teams touring the Tri-State in the aftermath of yesterday's tornadoes.

"The key thing were looking for is destroyed and major damage because we know those people are going to need more assistance," Scott says.

Engell and Scott have done it for a few years, but they've seen a lot and experienced a lot.

"I actually went to Oklahoma and did all my training there," Edgell recalls. "That was pretty rough, seeing whole communities destroyed, seeing them laid flat."

"In 2000, a tornado hit my house, so I know what these people are thinking, 'How am I going to get my house back together? Where are all my belongings?'", Scott adds.

Their assessments will help determine how much money the Red Cross will spend towards storm assistance, helping these victims get back on the road to recovery.

"That's what drives me on helping the Red Cross," Scott says.

One of the hardest parts of the job Engell and Scott told me is finding exact addresses, especially when an entire neighborhood is wiped out. They say, at times, they have to rely on GPS to find damaged homes.

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