Daviess Co. Fiscal Court Approves Animal Ordinance Changes

The court approved changes, which included a ban on owning livestock as pets in residential areas.

You can own a pet in Daviess County, but it can't be a pet cow.  County officials unanimously approved changes in the county's animal ordinance laws.

"I know there are some people who are concerned that it's going to radically change and alter the way of life," says Daviess County Fiscal Judge Al Mattingly.

it's change some don't want, changes in the county's animal ordinance laws.

But it's a change opponents now must live with. The fiscal court unanimously approved the new ordinance, which now includes a ban on owning livestock as pets in residential neighborhoods, and new licensing requirements for animal shelters and rescuers. 

"This is absurd to say that a CAFO is exempt," says Sheila Ray of Daviess County. "That a backyard sanctuary is outlawed."

"I think it's a fair representation of a balanced ordinance," Mattingly says. "It tries to take into consideration both sides of this issue."

I'm deeply offended by this ordinance," says john austin of Saving Paws Animal Rescue Kentucky. He says change isn't need. What's need is better enforcement of current laws. 

"If someone's upset their neighbor's dog is barking, or if someone's upset that their neighbor isn't taking care of their dog, having this requirement to kennel license does nothing to address any of those concerns," Austin says. 

He adds the new licensing requirements could scare off some would be rescuers.

"It may cut down on the number of available foster homes," he warns. "If that happens, that cuts down on the number of animals we can take in and the number of lives we can save."

Most changes go into effect immediately. Changes supporters say will benefit every person and every animal.

County officials say the pet ownership changes will not apply to farms or other agricultural businesses.

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