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Deer Causing Danger On The Roadway

Deer Cause Danger On The Roadway

The Twin Bridges have thousands of travelers crossing over them every day, but over the next few days drivers could find this spot extremely dangerous because they will be sharing it with wildlife.

"I drive fifty-seven miles a day to work and from work. I have to worry about looking out for deer everyday," says Libbie Batsel. Her drive just got a little more crowded. "Around this area, everyone just needs to look out and be careful," she says.

Officials ask drivers to be extra careful when traveling near the Twin Bridges by Audubon State Park. Deer usually cross under the bridges, but with waters expected to rise on the Ohio, they could take another path crossing right over the busy highway. "You'll end up seeing them in odd places, and that odd place may end up being on the highway," says Conservation Officer, Duane Englert.

Kentucky transportation officials say they start noticing the problem when the river reaches around forty feet. The Ohio could reach that by Christmas Day. "A lot of animals like deer, fox, coyotes, and your pray animals like rabbits and your smaller mammals, they have to move along. They are not going to stay in that flooded water for long." says Englert.

It's not just one or two deer that's causing the concern. "You'll start seeing that they are herding, and they'll get into large groups." Anywhere from ten to forty could heard together, and close to the roadway.

There's some good news, officials say this year's record hunting season significantly lowered the deer population. Officials still remind to use caution this week. "Reduce your speed, use your bright lights, and keep that in mind when you are traveling to and from work."










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