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Despite Fire, Little Girl's Celebration Goes On

Sadie Tanner turns 4-years-old today, and although her special day started with watching her home go up in flames, it ended with all smiles as members of the community rallied around her.
Sadie Tanner squeals as she runs and plays with her friends as little girls tend to do, but earlier there were no smiles. "The look on my daughter's face, it was absolutely nausiating," said Sadie's mother Rebecca Tanner. Today she turns 4-years-old, a birthday she's likely not to forget. "My home, my home, it broke my heart," said Rebecca Tanner. Watching in disbelief as their home and everything in it is reduced to ashes. "Especially here it is right after Christmas. So they've lost not only all their personal belongings, they lost their Christmas presents," said Todd Edgell with the American Red Cross.
But this year Santa came twice.
"I've had several donations. The Arnold family is one of them made a pretty good donation to Sadie and myself," said Rebecca Tanner. "Anytime one person loses a home it's devastating, but when you get 12 all together that's rough," said Edgell. The Red Cross is assisting with shelter, and providing food, but they haven't done it alone. "Just for a small town I'm impressed they have really helped their community out," said Edgell. All day community members have been dropping off clothes, toys, microwaves, and also made sure Sadie still had a very special party for her 4th birthday. She was really tickled to death over it," said Edgell. "The community basically put it on for her and it touches my heart.It's amazing they gave her a good birthday," said Rebecca Tanner.
A day that could've been remembered as a tragedy for Sadie and her family, could now be remembered as a day when fellowship and charity triumphed the fire.
Nine Red Cross volunteers helped out today. The Red Cross is accepting donations at St. Sebastian Catholic Church in Calhoun starting tomorrow morning.
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