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Dixon Mayor Speaks Out Following Husband's Acquittal

Mayor Linda Frederick opens up about the controversy surrounding the Baker Park fields.
A western Kentucky mayor speaks publicly about her husband's acquittal this week. Jimmy Frederick was found not guilty of all charges connected to the August destruction of the Baker Park soccer fields. He was also accused of hitting a man with his tractor.

Soccer season in Dixon is in the past. Mayor Linda Frederick hopes what happened here earlier this year is too.

"My family plans to move on."

Moving on from the charges against her husband, Jimmy Frederick, who was acquitted of Monday, on charges stemming from the destruction of the fields and for allegedly hitting another man with a tractor. Frederick says she wants to move on from the controversy even if she thinks no one did anything wrong.

"There was nothing vindictive in anything that anyone did, that the city did, there was nothing abusive about it," she says. "There was nothing directed toward the children."

But Frederick says there were some things that could've been handled better. One thing: communication.

"I think communication between the soccer league and the city of Dixon, and communication between the park board and the city of Dixon, a lot of this could've been avoided," Frederick says.

The fields are slowly getting back to normal, back for kids to play here next year. Frederick hopes everyone can move on so that games can be played on here.

"I think the people inside the city of limits of Dixon can move on from this," she says.

Frederick adds she was disappointed by comments some made on social networking sites like Facebook directed at her and her family.

We also tried to reach out to the man Jimmy Frederick allegedly hit with his tractor, but he was unavailable for comment today.

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