Dog Once Frozen to the Ground Goes Home

A Dubois County Sheriff's Deputy rescued Peanut from freezing to death earlier this month. The dog had more than 100 applications to adopt him from around the world, but he will be staying in the Tri-State.
The little Sheltie mix named Peanut sits cozy in the arms of one of his new owners. A pairing that happened by chance. "They were in this room. Peanut walked through the door and they immediately saw him, but they didn't know who he was, and they thought that's a pretty dog. And I said oh he has a story," said Mary Saalman of the Dubois County Humane Society.
The story of Peanut starts on a dark tone. He was discovered in a backyard in rural Dubois County frozen to the ground.  Once word got out about Peanut calls came in from around the world wanting to adopt him, but Carol and Keith Fitch just liked Peanut for being Peanut. "They didn't care about the story. They truly did not care about the story, and as soon as they met him it clicked. You could just see that it was a click," said Saalman.
The Fitch's originally were at the shelter adopting another dog, but that changed when they saw Peanut. "Keith says that's the dog I want," said Carol Fitch.
More than 100 people applied to adopt Peanut, from Los Angeles to Australia, but Peanut will be staying in the Tri-State. "Everybody is just dying to meet him that knows that we're taking him," said Carol Fitch.
As for peanut's companions living in the same home, three of them are now being taken care of in the same humane society, waiting to be adopted. "Peanut's story, I know it seems horrible, it doesn't shock us. We see it all the time and that's what we kept posting on out Facebook. Almost every dog in a shelter has a pretty horrific story," said Saalman.
As for Peanut, a story that started with him outside in below zero temperatures frozen to the Earth. Now ends with him warm in his owner's arms heading to a new home. "Just fortunate. Yeah fortunate and glad to be able to have him and give him some good care," said Keith and Carol Fitch.
Peanut's former owners have been charged with animal cruelty and are due in court next month.
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