Dog Once Frozen to the Ground Now Up for Adoption

'Peanut' has grabbed the attention of animal lovers everywhere. Director of the Dubois County Humane Society Mary Saalman says she has received calls as far away as Los Angeles from people trying to adopt Peanut.
A Dubois County Sheriff's Deputy says the wind chill was -20 degrees when 'Peanut' was found late Monday night. Mary Saalman with the Dubois County Humane Society says she has received calls from across the nation from people wanting to adopt Peanut. Although he is up for adoption  he will not be taken home by anyone for at least a couple weeks so he can fully recover from the ordeal.
"It's been spreading. It's probably the most I've talked about any news story in the 16 years that I've worked here," said Dubois County Sheriff's Deputy Stuart Wilson. "The public has taken a huge interest in it. I'm glad they have."
Peanut was freed from the ice late Monday night and since then has draw the attention of the nation. "It has spread across the country. We have gotten phone calls from Los Angeles," said Mary Saalman of the Dubois County Humane Society. Despite being literally frozen to the ground, Saalman says Peanut is recovering well. "He was underweight and he has some sores on the bottom of his feet, obviously from where he had to be ripped from the ice. Other than that he seems pretty healthy."
Deputy Wilson has been helping with the investigation and says Peanut's former owners have put the blame on the dog. "Their version to us was that the dog had gotten aggressive with a teenager in the house, and that's why they had to put the dog outdoors." But since Peanut has been placed in decent conditions, Saalman says Peanut has not shown any aggression. "He is just the sweetest little dog. He's very thankful I think to be in a nice warm environment."
Deputy Wilson says there are still five or six more dogs at the same house Peanut was rescued from, but legally he is not allowed to take the remaining dogs from the owners. "Animals that are not in imminent danger can not be siezed by the existing state law." However the sheriff's office and the humane society are asking the owners to voluntarily relinquish the dogs.
Deputy Wilson says the investigation has been turned over to the prosecutor's office. The prosecutor's office says no charges have been filed yet, but Deputy Wilson expects a Class A misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty to be filed by the end of the month
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