Drew Amman

Sports Director

Drew Amman joined Eyewitness News in January 2009. He continues to do what he started in 2003...that's cover the Tri-State. The challenge of working here adds a lot to it. Drew always tells people, the great thing about sports is coming in everyday not exactly knowing where you might be headed. It means you can do something different everyday, and the job (if you want to call it that) never gets boring.

Drew started his television career in beautiful, but very cold Northeast Michigan in 1999 (thankfully from April to early November, when the weather wasn't absolutely brutal), and from there, made a stop in Bowling Green, Kentucky, at WBKO ('99-2003). His time in South Central Kentucky got him immersed in the religion that is UK Basketball, while also covering Western Kentucky Hoops in the NCAA Tournament and Football's run to the 2002 National Title in Division 1AA.

Since arriving in Evansville, Drew has had the privilege of meeting and interviewing several stars who've made appearances (Peyton Manning, Ozzie Smith, and Frank Robinson, to name a few). One of the great things Drew enjoys about the Tri-State is how many big-names have come out of the area (i.e. Don Mattingly, Jay Cutler, and Calbert Cheaney...again, naming just a few). However, one of his idols, the late Dick Schaap, wasn't a star athlete, but a star broadcaster. After meeting him years ago in Bowling Green, Drew says one of Schaap's quotes "I collect people" has always stuck with him, and its made being in the business more rewarding.

Its been a fun ride so far, one that's honored Drew with two Emmy Nominations from the Ohio Valley Chapter of NATAS. He says it's hard to imagine him doing anything else away from sports.

If you have a story idea, please pass it along...he looks forward to covering all of the great people and sports in the tri-state.

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