Eight Years Later, Congregation Reflects on November 6th Tornado

As the November 6, 2005 tornado churned along it's 41 mile path, it decimated a Boonville church. However, the tornado couldn't shake its congregation.

As the November 6, 2005 tornado churned along it's 41 mile path, it decimated a Boonville church. However, the tornado couldn't shake its congregation.

In the past eight years, the church has been rebuilt and it has expanded. But church members say they will never forget what happened that day and the people who have helped them in the eight years since then.


A church isn't made by it's building. A church is made by the people inside of it.

"It's just home," said Gayle Thorpe, a lifelong member of Baker's Chapel. "It's the place to be. I've been here every day of my life and not missed too many Sundays."

For the parishioners of Baker's Chapel Church, it's picture day. Pictures can freeze a feeling in time no matter when it's taken.

"The first picture up here is the picture of the first wall that went up," said Bonnie Watson as she pointed to a picture on the wall of the church. The Lord blessed us with a lot of good help."

On this day these church members are smiling. On this day eight years ago, they weren't.

"It was sad," said Thorpe. "You love the old church but there were a lot of people that lost homes and there were neighbors that lost lives and small children. You can't compare that."

It was a Sunday morning. The hymn for that day's services was 'I'll Fly Away.'

A monster F-3 tornado came like a thief in the night, twisting and tearing it's way from Henderson County, KY through Spencer County, IN. In its path was Baker's Chapel. The tornado took away
the church and so much more.

"The house up on the hill was completely destroyed," said Watson. "They were friends of ours. I also knew the mother of the lady that got killed over there."

"Another family was caught in the night and they died," said Thorpe. "It's just heartbreaking."

"We thought maybe it would tear us apart," said Watson. "But instead it put us all together and we worked for a certain cause and we accomplished that."

Thanks to people from down the street and across the country, baker's chapel can have picture day again. But this time, it was in a new building.

The people inside are what makes a church. But these people will never forget those who helped re-make their church.

"We lost a building," said Thorpe. "Through God's grace, we have a beautiful new building."

And the clock that parishioners pulled from the rubble that day still ticks eight years later.


Recently, the church held a BBQ fundraiser in order to help pay off the $40,000 remaining on the mortgage, but thanks to some anonymous donors, that mortgage is now paid off.

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