Emotions On High As Thomas Davidson Receives Formal Charges

Seven charges are now filed against Thomas Davidson

Emotions are high as a judge reads, Thomas Davidson, his formal charges in White Circuit Court. Davidson is the man accused of going on a multi-state crime spree this weekend. Seven charges are now filed against Thomas Davidson. The first four regarding First Degree Murder, the others include Battery With a Fire Arm, Vehicular High Jacking, and Discharge With a Fire Arm. The court appearance was split into two sessions after an outburst in the courtroom forced a halt to Davidson's initial hearing. Thomas Davidson, makes his first appearance in the White County court house on a Preliminary Charge of First Degree Murder of Gibson County woman, Sandra Burkhardt. Her body was discovered in a corn field outside Crossville, Illinois Saturday night.

It all stems from a weekend long crime spree throughout parts of Southern Indiana and Southern Illinois. Davidson sat in the court room looking towards the ground in silence, but that quickly changed when Judge, Mark Shaner, began to read the seven charges Davidson faces. Davidson started cursing in court and saying he didn't understand what was going on. "Im not really sure," says County Prosecutor Denton Aud. Davidson confused many by his sudden outburst. Aud says this kind of thing can happen when the shock sets in. "It happens on occasion. It does happen on occasions," says Aud. Davidson interrupted the judge numerous times saying the legal jargon is too confusing and the judge needed to simplify it for him. "I think obviously he is just not understanding the process, and they will make sure that he does understand at some point," says White County Sheriff Doug Maier. Davidson said 'I am illiterate,' and that he only wanted to hear how many years he would be facing. "He was just being disruptive, and the judge, I guess, just felt it would be best to bring him back at a better time," says Sheriff Maier. The judge asked Davidson to watch his language. Davidson responded 'I am in jail for murder I don't really care,' causing the judge to send him back to the jail. "Obviously it's an emotional time. He did not handle that very well," says Sheriff Maier. About an hour later Davidson returned for a second try. Sheriff Maier says Davidson has been a cooperative inmate so far. "No, there had not been any issues whatsoever until this morning."

At the second attempt in court, Davidson remained silent and asked to be appointed an attorney.


Davidson's next court appearance is set for September 9th.
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