EPD Diversifies Adding Four African Americans to Force

When a police officer is sworn in they join a family. They wear the same badge and swear to the same oath. For one of the recruits sworn in today, he was not only joined on stage with his brothers on the police force, but his biological brother joined him as well.
A proud moment for Philip Smith as he presents his older brother Ray with a badge signifying his acceptance as an Evansville Police Officer. Philip was in the same position just a year ago. "He was my inspiration to apply. I applied and fortunately I made it. Unfortunately he didn't the time we applied together," said Officer Philip Smith.

After Ray didn't make the department when the two applied a year ago, Philip returned the favor of inspiring his brother to persevere. "Him watching me did kind of inspire him to continue. I'm glad I've gone through, because I went through without anyone before me and now I can kind of teach him the ins and outs a little bit. I'll be there to help him. He ain't heavy, you know, he's my brother," said Officer Philip Smith.

The Smith's admit the ceremony was emotional, feelings of pride and happiness. But afterwards, they were right back to being brothers.
"He's got the jokes," said Ray Smith, "I'm more of you laugh at just because I look goofy, that's me," said Ray Smith.

"That's true," added Officer Philip Smith.

"He's got the jokes, I am the joke," said Ray Smith.

Police Chief Billy Bolin says he has never seen a person win over a department as quickly as Philip. Now that he has his brother alongside of him the combo could add some personality to a sometimes serious job, but don't expect them to be going on patrol together.

"Ahh you know,hahaha, I think Sergeant Cullum kind of frowns upon that. Haha. He doesn't think we will get anything done."
 Sure they like to tell jokes and cut up. But it doesn't make today any less special, or sincere, to share it together.

"I was real glad when he gave me the badge, I wasn't expecting that. That threw me off a little bit. I appreciate it though," said Ray Smith.

"I'm proud of you," Officer Philip Smith.
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