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Evansville City Council Votes On HJR 6

Evansville City Council Votes On HJR 6
The Evansville City Council votes in favor to reject the gay marriage amendment, and the vote is unanimous That amendment, known as HJR- 6, brought several people to tonight's meeting to hear the council's decision.

Over a dozen people take the podium to voice their opinion on HJR 6. "In this state, I may never be able to marry my partner. It is my hope that in the future this issue will be a non-issue, and everybody will have the right to be happy." "Everyone should be treated equally no matter their color, ethnicity, or race. I ask you to do the right thing." "Let the people decide. If the people want a marriage to be between a man, woman, or otherwise then they should decide, not the judges."

They all have their different opinions, but tonight the Evansville City Council votes unanimously, nine to zero, to reject the Indiana General Assembly's proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. This also comes days after Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke stated he too opposes the gay marriage amendment.

Several people applauded the council's decision, but for some they wanted to leave the decision in the hands of the voters.

"If the voters want that, then so be it. For them to do what they did, I think it's a travesty and a disgrace," says

Brenda Bergwitz. She spoke in favor of HJR 6. "I'm just very, very, very disappointed."

Council Woman, Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley says the unanimous vote between council members served as a good way to end this year's session. "There's a big range of perspective, and this was an opportunity to gain common ground." The decisions stands, Evansville City Council agree to urge the state to reject HJR 6. "From a public policy direction, it's a step in the wrong direction, it's unnecessary, it's a huge waste of resources in the state of Indiana, and imagine what we could be doing instead."

The Indiana General Assembly is expected to vote next year on whether the amendment will be placed on the November 2014 ballot.


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