Evansville Police Go Door to Door to Build Rapport on South Side

EPD has had little cooperation from neighbors when responding to several shots fired calls on Evansville's south side. To open lines of communication officers go to each home, introduce themselves, and ask for help with stopping the violence.

A string of gunshots across the south side prompts Evansville Police to step up patrols, and now they're doing something a little different. EPD is meeting crime on the south side of Evansville face to face. Knocking on each door, talking with neighbors, handing out fliers, trying to open the lines of communication with a neighborhood that has been hesitant to talk.

Officer Chad Diedrich patrols the south side on a daily basis, but today he's walking it. "It may just very well be the fact we're more approachable I think if we're out on foot walking around," said Officer Diedrich. "The more interaction we have with citizens the better off we are."

Alicia Russ lives on Covert Avenue, one of the more problematic areas. "I've heard gunshots for months, but it's never gotten close to home like this." Her house was recently hit by a stray bullet. "It's kind of scary knowing that all that stuff is happening around your house." She has children of her own and her niece lives next door. "They're innocent babies and they have nothing to do with it." She says it's surprising to see police going door to door. "I've never seen them walk around and hand out fliers." And the extra effort doesn't go unappreciated. "Makes me feel a lot better and a lot safer knowing that they're some cops here that do care."

If you have any information you would like to pass along to police you can call the WeTip Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME.

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