Evansville's Contributions To WWII History

Evansville's contributions to WWII history will be memorialized at the Freedom Heritage Museum.
EVANSVILLE, Ind. - Doors are opening for a new World War II museum at the Evansville Airport. Freedom Heritage Museum Treasurer, Doug Joest says," I think that they should be able to see a well organized facility that shows different aspects of the work that was done during that time period".

He says this was the time of evansville's greatest contribution and to the world and the war effort. That is why Joest and others others with the Freedom Heritage Museum want those contributions to be remembered.

"I think it's important to preserve so we don't forget the contribution that that generation did to keep our freedoms", he added. 

 It was the hardworking factory workers in Evansville that provided the supplies to help U.S. Troops succeed on the war front. Soon Hoosiers can actually experience that history on their home front.

Evansville Airport Director of Marketing, Dianna Page says,"we played a big roll in all of the effort for WWII. Right across the airfield from us was the republic aviation manufacturing facility where they made the P47's (fighter planes). So it just seemed like a natural fit".

There is still work yet to be done to the facility that will look a lot like this once it's complete and ready for others to stop in town and enjoy. Laura Libs of Evansville's Convention and Visitor's Bureau says "It's always a good thing to have new attractions and along with our other museums. Museums are one of the most favorite attractions for families."

There is no set date to open this museum but, the board says the door to educating the public on Evansville's World War II history is not closed. The independent museum is relying mostly on fundraising and private donations to bring the museum into existance. For more information please visit their website here. Also, see Eyewitness New's Brad Byrd's In-Depth Interview with Richard Litkov, the president of the Freedom Heritage Museum here.

Report by Fadia Patterson

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