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EVSC Stands by Decision to Wait to Call Off School

Some parents wrote on the EVSC Facebook page upset about when they were notified school was cancelled. The EVSC says it waited to see what the weather would be like in the morning before making a decision.
The EVSC says road conditions were still not safe for students to go to schoo,l and for the third school day in a row students stay home. The EVSC cancelled school for Monday around five o'clock Sunday evening, which gave parents plenty of time to adjust their schedule. But many parents weren't notified class was cancelled today until around 5:15 this morning, some parents say that really put them in a bind to find childcare on short notice.
"We made the decision very early a little after 4:30 a.m., but we didn't call everybody until 5:15 a.m.," said Marsha Jackson of the EVSC. Some parents took to the EVSC Facebook page to complain about the school corporations timing on cancelling class. Heather Lee John said "It's ridiculous to wait so long. Inexcusable." Jenn Kroupa said "Ridiculous to wait till 5am to make the announcement! When is someone from the city going to do their job and get out and clear the side roads so schools can open? Pathetic," but still the EVSC stands by it's decision to wait. "It's important for our children to be in school, and learning everyday, and we want them to be very successful, so that's why we wait," said Jackson.
The EVSC says there was a chance that if the snow held off school was going to start on a two hour delay, but that didn't happen, causing parents to find alternative plans. The EVSC says calling around 5:15 in the morning is typical and suggests parents have child care plans in place before the morning of school being cancelled.
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