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EVSC Tells How it Determines Classes Should be Cancelled

A team of administrators drive around Evansville and the surrounding area to test road conditions. After they confer on their findings, a common sense decision is reached.
Mounds of snow and sheets of ice still cover Evansville roadways. While many parents prepare for a slow commute to work in the morning many students eagerly wait for school to be cancelled.              
"We kind of base our decision a lot of times on what we saw and then what the forecast is going to be," said Marsha Jackson an EVSC spokesperson. The EVSC uses a common sense approach where a team of administrators drive around the area surveying road conditions. "County roads are in bad condition. City roads are looking pretty good except for the secondary roads," said Jackson. A tactic that some parents agree with. "I think that's the best thing because they're getting out into the traffic," said parent of an EVSC student Gary Poulson.

No measurement of snow factors into the decision for the EVSC, just a feel for the road, and a look at the forecast. "The consensus was it's not going to get any better. In fact it will probably get a little worse once it gets colder everything will freeze again," said Jackson. Road conditions may factor heavily into their decision, but some students walk to school, and many walk to a bus stop, and sidewalks can sometimes pile up with snow. "When the plows come through and cover them up with the snow that was in the streets, then the kids tend to want to walk in the street, where it's clear, and that's not a safe situation," said Jackson.

Snow on sidewalks, ice in the street, and slush in between caused the EVSC to call off school earlier than usual. "There's really no point to wait we might as well let families know now," Jackson. Parents aren't complaining. "This way it gives people prepardness especially parents to know what to do for the coming day," said Poulson. And students are most certainly not complaining either.
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