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Family of Salmonella Victim Speaks Out

Relatives of Steve Davis, who died after getting sick, speak out after suing a restaurant linked to the outbreak.
The family of Steve Davis, 61, who died after contracting salmonella last month, is suing a Madisonville restaurant reportedly linked to the outbreak. James Davis says his brother Steve was a very caring person with a lot of friends. Nearly three weeks after his death, James and his family continue looking for closure at home and in court.

"You don't expect your younger siblings to die before you," he says.

But for him, that's what he and his family are dealing with: the loss of his brother, Steve.

"I catch myself getting ready to call him and realizing that I can't call him anymore," James says. "It'll take a while."

Davis says Steve and his other brother, Gary, caught salmonella after eating lunch at Casa Mexicana in Madisonville last month.

"Just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time," he says. "They ate together everyday. I feel sorry for anybody who had to go through that."

Hopkins County Health officials say more than a dozen people became sick last month and linked Casa Mexcicana to the outbreak.

"I know what the families are going through that they're going through it," says James. "Not a good thing."

Now, the Davis family is going through with  a lawsuit against the restaurant, claiming negligence.  The lawsuit won't bring Davis's brother back, but James says it could bring closure, and maybe, some justice.

"This is the only way I can try to deal with my brothers death," he says. "The lawsuit's the only thing I've got I can do and that's why I'm doing it. I don't think his death should go that easy. I think I should stand up for him."

Eyewitness News also tried to contact the restaurant's owner for comment, but we were unable to reach them.
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