Farmer Keeps Cold Cattle Healthy

Despite the freezing temperatures Scott Omer keeps about 200 cattle healthy at his Union County Farm.
In the dead of winter when the grass is no longer green and the water is frozen cattle would be hard pressed to survive on their own. "They're depending on me." Scott Omer has about 200 cows on his Union County farm. Which is a lot to take care of in what has been below zero temperatures. "What's hard on the cows was the rain Sunday afternoon and the temperature dropping off suddenly had them wet."
The foundation of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is food, shelter, and water. "First thing you do is make sure they got some good high quality feed in front of them because they need extra energy during this cold weather." Omer says the past few days he has gone through 50% more feed than usual.

The next need to fulfill is shelter. "You want a wind shelter. Drop over a hill or something to get out of the wind, because the wind is what's hard on them."
Omer says the cattle usually drink from a pond, but with below freezing temperatures of course that is frozen. "You just take an axe out there and you go out there and chop a hole about two feet by two feet and this morning the ice was about 4 inches thick." Occasionally the cattle will walk out on the frozen pond and if the ice isn't think enough they will fall through. So omer uses an energy free water source which doesn't use electricity and instead keep the water from freezing by working like a well.

Even though nearly everything is frozen on the farm Omer is able to provide food, water, and warmth for livestock.
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