Fewer Glitches Reported with Kynect

More than 32,000 applications have been submitted through the state's health care exchange site.
While the national health care website continues experiencing glitches, it's been a very different type of roll-out on the state level. Kentucky officials say they're not seeing many problems with Kynect since it's start.

"Health care is a bear when you go shopping for that," says Patti Main of Clay.

When she goes shopping, she usually does well. But shopping for health care was too rich for her blood in the past.

"By yourself, it's about $1,000," she says.

But since Kynect's start, main and thousands of her fellow Kentuckians, were able to get it.  More than 32,000 applications were submitted as of Monday. Main says she found a way around any website glitches.

"It was simple and easy as making a phone call to her and she did it online for me," she says. "It was simple and easy."

Sarah Combs of Health First Community Health Center Say there were issues when the site went live October 1st.

"I would log in, and once you would start to download some of the app, it would kick you off and you have to go back," she says.

But she says those problems have largely stopped, even though the site gets mixed reviews from its shoppers.

"You get a couple of bad reactions, but for the most part, everybody is pretty excited about this," Combs says.

"It's a whole lot easier if you do it through the phone if you don't have a computer, or access to it," adds Main.

Kynect officials say you should call their call center if you're experiencing problems filling the online application.

Kynect Call Center: 1-855-4kynect (1-800-459-6328)
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