Fighting Fires, Battling The Cold

Fighting Fires, Battling The Cold
Regardless of weather, some jobs must go on, like the people who battle house fires. Volunteer firefighters were called to a home in Henderson County. The fire happened around five-thirty. Several volunteer crews were on scene. The home is not considered a loss, no one was injured, and that's the reason crews say it's well worth it to volunteer their time.

A home off Highway 359 in Henderson County catches fire. Officials say the owner used a salamander heater to try and thaw frozen pipes. That is what caused the back of the home to catch fire.

It was a quick fight, but it wasn't the only battle crews faced, fighting the flames, while fighting the cold at the same time. "Helping the people that need the help," says Smith Mills Volunteer Fire Department Chief, Mike Coghill. He says it's worth it, even in frigid conditions like these. "What we try to do is make somebody that is having the worst day of their life, a little bit better."

Coghill says the past week, crews have been able to manage the dangerous temperatures. Many wear extra layers, try avoid getting wet as much as possible, and try to just keep moving. There are still challenges. On the way to this fire a discharge line froze. Coghill says they had to find an alternative hook up. "It's a short distance and it just shows you how quick things can freeze up."

"We're all very proud of what they do here, and how they serve our community," says Tracie Edwards. She and son Tanner stand by supporting her husband. "They leave the supper tables in the middle of Christmas dinners, and in the middle of all that, they come out and help other people." She says at times like this, with the weather so cold, that it can be scary. "They volunteer their time, it's all volunteer hours. They do it on their own free time and their own free will to come out and help you and me and just anybody."

They call themselves a family. Even in the cold they must go to work, all to help other's families. "Firefighters are a family, they are a family."

Officials say it could be a couple of weeks until the home owners are able to move back in.

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