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Fire Victims Thankful For Overwhleming Support

Today at St. Sebastian Church in Calhoun, Kentucky fire victims used words like "amazed, humbled, and thankful" for the amount of donations given to them.
Just one day after a fire destroyed 12 homes, victims pick through donations, and they have plenty to chose from. "I wasn't expecting this and especially for all of us," said Michael Hardesty. "I wasn't expecting to see what I'm seeing here in this room," said John Davis. What's in this room is tables, and tables of clothing, shoes, and dress shirts. "It's wonderful. It makes me feel good that there is still people in this world that care," said Christy Davis.
"Well I got clothes. I've had the same clothes on for two days almost." Michael Hardesty says he is new to Calhoun, but he is already amazed at the solidarity of the community. "I'm pretty overwhelmed by it and everybody is being so nice, and everything, and it kind of humbles me a whole lot."
Christy and John Davis lost nearly everything in the fire, and they say they've leaned on their family for support. "Not physical support, but moral support, emtional support. If we wanted to cry we could call our kids."
Others are finding support in complete strangers. "This is the first time I've ever met this gentleman," said Ricky Gish with his arm around fire victim Daniel Hunt. "I like him already and I don't know why, but he seems like a pretty good guy." Daniel Hunt finds a friend in one of the people that donated the items he's looking through. "These people have been burned out of their homes and I think that we can all do a little bit to help them and I'm pround to be one that can," said Gish.

The Red Cross is also helping the families.  Fire victims tell me they're very thankful for their support.

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