Friend, Mosby React to Closed Door Meeting

Two Evansville City Council members react to a closed door Democratic meeting they knew nothing about.
Two Evansville City Council members, left out of what was called a party caucus, are looking for answers to Thursday's closed door meeting. Council Members Missy Mosby and Jonathan Weaver were the only two Democrats not at last night's meeting at attorney Scott Danks's office. We were there as six council members walked in, and came out. They told us it was for a political caucus.

Weaver and Mosby say they didn't know about the meeting until after it was done.

We know the who, the when, the where. But why?

"What it is is political strategy," says City Council President Connie Robinson. That was the reason given last night.

"I just got a call, saying if you can come down and strategize a little bit," says Councilman John Friend. But when asked who called him about the meeting, he said, "I'm not sure. I didn't ask. I'm not sure how that came about. I really didn't know."

Yet two council Democrats, Jonathan Weaver and Missy Mosby, want to know why they weren't there.

"We're supposed to be a team," Friend says.

"I had a lot of phone calls today from my constituents who are very upset that I'm not being informed on different things the council members are being informed on," says Mosby.

Weaver says he's skeptical of the reasons for the closed door meeting. Although the meeting was legal. It comes as city council prepares to discuss the city budget.

"This is not a political election year," he says. "So, there really is nothing to strategize politically. Unless, you want to derail the budget in some way."

Mosby says newly named Vanderburgh County Democratic Party chair Rob Faulkner didn't know of it until this morning.

"Basically, if there was something coming up, we would be informed of what's going on, so that we would know what's coming up to the table," she says.

But Weaver says he's not too worried about missing out.

"It's an embarrassment sometimes to be associated with what they try to do, with their vendettas they have against the fire chief, police chief, IT department, and DMD."

Friend says the call about the meeting came from Scott Danks's office and it focused on party openings and other related items. He adds it would've been better if both Mosby and Weaver were there.
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