Frigid Temperatures Cause Damage At EVSC High School

Frigid Temperatures Cause Damage At EVSC High School
North High School sustains damage due to the chilling temperatures. A pipe burst has crews working around the clock to get the school back to normal. EVSC officials say the school, and it's pipes, are still very new, but the school's location surrounded by winds and the frigid weather all play a factor in today's burst.

The halls at North High School were supposed to be quiet and empty today as the some fifteen-hundred students were out of school due to the weather. The silence broke after a fire suppression line froze, and burst, on the school's second floor. "We had a custodian working here on the intercom, and it was just by chance," says EVSC Chief Administrative Officer Paul Neidig. He says it took about fifteen minutes for the custodian to get the system shut off.

"Were getting rid of all the tiles that were ruined from the water, but we are also doing general clean up. We are going to wiping down desks, wipe down tables, and we're going to be moping up floors tonight." Six classrooms were affected, some rooms were under about an inch of water. Chief Facilities Officer. Pat Tuley, and crews, have been hard at work. They say it's been a team effort.

"This is a phenomenal place. Everybody pulls together in times like this. The principal is here, the principal's wife is here, our superintendent came out to assess the damage, and to make sure our guys are getting what they need, but honestly, our hats go off to the maintenance crew."

North isn't the only EVSC school feeling the wrath of the weather. "At Central High School we've had a pipe burst in the green house, that's been contained to the greenhouse. At Highland we've had uni-vents, they are heating units that go through the wall, we've had four of them burst," says Neidig.

Students, don't bank on gaining an extra day off. Officials are confident North will be back to normal, and soon.

"There will be no doubt that this place will be ready to go Wednesday morning when we resume school," says Neidig.

EVSC officials are not sure how much the damage will cost at this time.

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