Frog Follies Floods Tri-State Area For Another Year

Thousands flock to the Evansville area in their classic cars for the event lasting until Sunday.

A flash back in time fills Tri-State streets this weekend. It's the return of the annual Frog Follies. Thousands flock to the Evansville area in their classic cars for the event lasting until Sunday. Getting a place to stay may be an obstacle this weekend. Gas prices go up, and once popular events sometimes die out. Neither of these factors have  put a stop to the popularity of the annual Frog Follies. Just as many as ever make their way to the area for the car show. Thousands fill hotels and restaurants. It's one of the busiest weekends of the summer.

"Well, when you see about five-thousand cars go into town, you know something is going on," says Frog Follies participant, Ronnie Norris. Those classic cars make their way back to the Tri-State, bringing a wave of color and history to nearly every restaurant, hotel, and roadway until Sunday for the annual Frog Follies car show. "There are pretty cars everywhere," says Debbie Rudloff. These regulars know getting a place to stay means you have to plan ahead. "We booked a year ago, one year ago for this room tonight," says Rudloff.

At the Comfort Inn, on Evansville's east side, all one-hundred and eleven rooms are booked through the weekend, like other hotels throughout the area. "We are always busy in the summer, but for all three nights, and just the amount of advanced reservations, this is definitely our busiest. A weekend we look forward to the most, definitely," says General Manager, Virgil Rasche. Rasche says extra staff, a parking lot car wash, and additional security for guest's cars have all evolved over years of hosting. "They obviously put a lot of money in their cars," says Rasche.

Some other events will also be packing the area over the next few days. College students heading back to school also flood hotels and restaurants. Downtown the Ford Center hosts a Mixed Martial Arts Showdown. "Typically we can find them another hotel in the area. Either one of our Dunn properties, or another property," says Rasche. Finding a hotel could be a challenge, but the Frog Follies is one event the Tri-State has learned to handle. "I've just enjoyed it. That's why i've kept coming back for thirty-eight years," says Norris. "We just enjoy being with the car people crowd, they are a good bunch," says Rudloff. "To be honest with you, they are our favorite group. They are really good, a lot of fun and just great personalities. They are here to enjoy themselves. We love having them," says Rasche.

The Frog Follies will be at the Vanderburgh County Fair Grounds until Sunday.

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