Gabe's Tower Expected to be Turned into Hotel

City officials say Gabe's Tower in Owensboro could be turned into a hotel by developers.
The group that bought Gabe's Tower earlier this year is ready to spend money on the former hotel. So, how do they plan to change it?

The future of the uniquely designed building has been in question for a long time. Now, developers are giving some answers.

Gabe's Tower's been practically everything over the years.

"Actually, they had an Owensboro business school there," says Gazetta Neyra of Owensboro. But now, it's nothing.

"It's a sore to your eye right now," Neyra says.

"It looks like an old, beat down, building that needs to be changed," says Ellie Johnson of Owensboro. But it could be something again. City officials say developers are looking to bring the tower back as a hotel and could re-open a restaurant on the top floor. Renovations could cost several millions of dollars.

"I'm kind of delighted we're going to be able to salvage that hotel. It's an icon in our community," says Owensboro Mayor Ron Payne. He says it could also be the start to revitalizing the neighborhood surrounding the tower.

"We've said that we've done these other projects in our city and it's time to move into another area," he says. "We have targeted South Triplett that we're going to move into."

Neyra remembers the days when the tower was popular.
"People used to come in there on the weekends and, you know, have a place to let their hair down," she says.

Neyra says she wants Gabe's Tower to be something other than an eyesore.

"I think that it will help the community, as well as its an historical monument," says Neyra.

"I wouldn't mind an arcade or something like that for the young kids," Johnson adds. "Something nice to do, keep the kids off the street. Maybe a dance floor in there."

Payne says city officials are working with nearby businesses on parking for the tower if the hotel becomes a reality.
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