Goldenrod Dairy Ends Production

Friday was the last day of production at the Madisonville facility.
It's a day many in Madisonville never thought they would see: the last day of production at the Goldenrod Dairy. Now, more than a hundred employees are doing something many thought they wouldn't need to do: find a new job.

"It's certainly a loss for the community."

For some, working at the goldenrod dairy put a smile on their face.

"My nephew works there," says Carolyn Dame of Madisonville. Her nephew and neighbors worked there, until they learned production was going to stop.

"Everybody's been down about it," she says. "It's been there for years and of course, those people are losing their job, their livelihood, and everybody's got to look for a new job."

Working at the plant made former U.C. Milk Co. President William Corum happy. But he's saddened by the loss of a place his family started more than 80 years ago.

"To see something that you've been involved with for your life and see it close, it's a pretty tough feeling, but not near as tough as for those employees and their families," he says. "I'm very regretful for that."

Borden officials plan to move operations to another facility in London, Kentucky. As production winds down at Goldenrod, workers now must ramp up search efforts.

"When you see a company that's been here for more than 50 years, it also does something to our confidence in our industry," says Ann Oldham of the Kentucky Career Center. She says the plant workers are in high demand.

"We have a new company that's opened up, Berry Plastics," Oldham says. "They're hiring several hundred people. All of our manufacturers are begging for maintenance workers."

Some hope something else comes along to fill the void and make Madisonville happy again.

"It might take a little while, but they'll be able to bounce back," Dame says.

A company spokesman says the workers will be paid through the end of this month and they're hopeful to finalize a severance package with the union.
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