Government Shutdown Hurts Southern Indiana Town

A Large number of residents from Loogootee, Indiana may be affected by the possible government shutdown. Many are employed by Crane Naval Base which may shutdown if the government defaults.

LOOGOOTEE, IN. - October 1st could be the most dreaded day in recent memory for many who rely on federal funding. 

Many people in one southern Indiana town, could lose employment pending the government shutdown. 

"If the government shuts down than we all will shut down! Just joking, I can't afford to shut down." says business owner, Mike Jones.

All joking aside, the government shutdown will affect Jone's business and livelihood.This is a major concern for Martin county residents, where Crane Naval Base employs half of the workforce. 

Jones' son, Jason says, "We're only really operating on half a county when it comes to property taxes and all that. The income that comes into this county, it's somewhere around forty percent. Then you get to Loogootee which is the city - it's roughly around seventy percent.

Seventy percent of the town's income that will be halted as a result of  government default. Employees of the naval base have experienced repeated furloughs and were eager for congress to come to some type of agreement.

 Pat Jones says,"I think that if they shut down the government that's fine but, I think that if they want to fund the government they should fund the government and fund Obamacare, the way that is was written to begin with." 

The way that it was written was a no go, as Republicans lobbied to completely defund Obamacare. The Mayor of Loogootee, Noel D. Harty tells eyewitness news he is worried.

"Obviously in Washington, their trying to do their best, but I think we need to come to some type of agreement or as I said our impact here it could be a major thing. I think definitely no one wants to see the government shut down for any time period so it 's really scary!", He said.

Even more fearful that thousands of families have few alternatives if their worst nightmare is realized. The Jone's daughter-in-law, Carol believes the future is uncertain.

"Our community, our children is gonna do without; and the wives are gonna do without because their husbands [employed at] the base is gonna shut down! What are they gonna do? Are they gonna go to our local food banks? I bet you President Obama doesn't go to our local food banks! , she said.

Crane Naval Base currently employs a large number of citizens from Martin County. Thousands of families will be affected by the government's default. 

Report by Fadia Patterson


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