Government Shutdown Not on the Mind of Festival Goers

It seems like every group is feeding the thousands at the Fall Festival.
It seems like every group is feeding the thousands at the Fall Festival. That includes both Vanderburgh County Democratic and Republican parties. But are they seeing any blowback from the government shutdown?

There's a lot on festival attendee's minds: where to park, what to eat. But one thing not on their minds is the government shutdown.

We talked with volunteers at both county Republican and Democrat booths this afternoon. Both sides say they're not hearing many comments or seeing any blowback because of what's happening in Washington. They're also not seeing anyone avoid their booths or a drop in customers compared to previous years.

"I haven't heard anything down here," said Vanderburgh Co. Sheriff's candidate Kirk Byram. "Nobody's making many comments about the government shutdown as far as our booth. I'll be here later tonight. There's not as much word here about it."

"If I were a Congressman," said Vanderburgh Co. Sheriff Eric Williams, "they would be giving me an earful. While most politics is local, the local people here don't have anything to do with what's going on in Washington. In fact, most of us are just as frustrated as everybody else."

One volunteer says one of the more common questions they're getting is where to get a munchie map.
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