Growing Beards To Grow Awareness

Men in the trisate are participating in No Shave November for a good cause. In the effort to increase awareness about regular screenings - they are growing beards.

EVANSVILLE, Ind.- Men in the Tristate are growing awareness about prostate cancer by growing a beard -- and keeping it all month. 
It's part of a great cause called " No- Shave November". The campaign will encourage men to talk about men's cancers and engage in some competition. 

"It's something you think about..because you never thought that you would have it!", said Steve McAtee. 
Mcattee is a survivor of prostate cancer and he says early detection saved his life.
"I think that the sooner that you can get something done the better you are," he added.

Employees at Lucas Oil Center are spreading that exact message by putting down the razor.

"You dont' have to shave for a whole month, what's the downside of that?", said one employee.

Owner and Manager Bill Floyd says, "I want to think that maybe I'll look like Kenny Rodgers when it grows in."
These mechanics at Lucas Oil are usually clean shaven but, their manager is giving them a free pass for "No Shave November". 

"Alot of guys are sort of macho and don't think that we need to go in and get a simple PSA test or a simple doctor's visit. It can bring to your attention alot of things that can be preventable that later on could be a serious injury," he added.

It's a great conversation starter and these men say growing a beard will literally grow awareness for men's cancers and the importance of regular screening. 

Deaconess Clinic Urologist, Dr. Klink says, "I love to see it because I see men on the other side who didn't get screened . I love to see men diagnosed early on because they did get screened". 

Doctor Klink wants other success stories like Steve McAtee's, even if it takes putting down the blade.

"One, I don't like shaving so it's a good excuse not to shave and raise awareness of these cancers", he added.

Deaconess Hospital's "NO shave" competition is going on until november 25 th  and prizes will be given.
Visit their "Beard Gallery" here.

If you'd like to be apart of "No Shave November",  Eyewitness News also welcomes your photos.
Send them to our Facebook Page and use our photo ap on 

Report by Fadia Patterson

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