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Heavy Rainfall Expected To Hit The Tristate

Heavy Rainfall Expected To Hit The Tristate
Severe weather is expected to hit the Tristate, but it's not snow or ice. This time it's rain. We're expecting between four and six inches of rain.

Emergency management crews gear up for potential severe flooding. Some families have no choice but to take the threat seriously.

Just days ago, winter storms covered the Tristate. The snow and ice have melted, leaving room for a new wave of severe weather. "Today we have been taking inventory of sandbags and plastic for flood fighting," says Cliff Weaver. Weaver is the Superintendent of the Evansville and Vanderburgh County Emergency Management Agency. He says they are preparing for the possibility of 4 to 6 inches of rainfall.

"They have two-million sandbags in Indianapolis, but we have to make sure we have enough here to get started, so we can bring them in if we need them," says Weaver. His crews will head to Indianapolis early Friday morning, bringing back thirty-six thousand sandbags.

For some, sandbags aren't enough to help with the impact heavy rain can leave behind. "We have experienced, I don't know how many floods." Floods have plagued certain areas of the Tristate since 1986. Debbie Schwent lives just off Greenriver Road. "Now that they have raised it, it floods way more than it has ever. That's the sad part." She says the construction to improve the road has caused flooding to become even worse. "It's a lot of work, it's very discouraging." The rain is expected to fall overnight, Schwent hopes it will spare her for the holidays.

"Its sad, it really is. This is the season that you're supposed to be joyful, and when you're sandbagging, it's not going to be too joyful."

EMA officials say they plan to start sandbagging by Sunday of this weekend.

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