Hundreds of Kentuckians Arrested in State-Wide Drug Sweep

Kentucky State Police nab hundreds on drug charges as part of Operation: Black Friday.
It's being called one of the biggest drug busts in Kentucky. More than four hundred people arrested on drug charges across the state. That includes more than 20 in western Kentucky.

Sturgis is known for its bike rallies.

"Like I said, it's a pretty good neighborhood," says Eugene Word.

He says his neighborhood isn't known for drugs. But just down the street...

"Looking outside this morning, I was surprised to see law enforcement in the neighborhood, making a few arrests.," he says. "Supposed to be about drugs I guess."

That was one of hundreds of arrests in Kentucky State Police's Operation: Black Friday. Troopers caught more than 400 suspects, who face a total of nearly 800 charges including trafficking and possession.

"It brings shock value within the community," says Trooper Corey King of the Kentucky State Police.

In western Kentucky, seven each were caught in Union and Muhlenberg Counties, six were captured in Webster County, with other arrests in Henderson, Ohio, and Hopkins Counties.

"All people that are involved in trafficking or the distribution of these drugs are tied in with other dealers," King says. "When you hit one of them, they communicate on a daily basis, and notify each other when one's involved in a search warrant or an arrest."

"I just thank God that, you know, it's not around my kids and the neighborhood continues to be safe with the police watching at all times," Word says.

Kentucky State Police Commissioner Rodney Brewer says the operation comes from residents providing anonymous tips.
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