"Impeach Obama" Demonstrators Hope to Start Conversation

Grassroots group drapes signs over the Lloyd Expressway overpass on the west side of Evansville.

A grassroots movement voicing frustration with President Obama's administration makes its way to the Tri-State. Demonstrators picketed on the west side of Evansville at the overpass near Mead Johnson.

"Somebody has to start the national conversation," said Robin Ratcliff. About a dozen self-proclaimed patriots take a visible stance over one of the tri-state's most traveled roadways. Their goal...to spark a national conversation.  "Even if we don't see eye to eye just start the conversation, you know start talking about it," Ratcliff says, "from Benghazi, to fast and furious, to Obamacare."

"The people that are in there just aren't doing their jobs like they're supposed to. They're working for us, we're not working for them, they're working for us," said demonstrator Tony West. "It's a movement that's gaining momentum," he added. "A lot of positive feedback, some not too positive." There were many honks, but also several single finger salutes. One person even walked up the overpass to speak her mind against the movement. "That's their rights. They have the right to have a positive or negative reaction however they want to do it. That's what America is about," said West.

Whether people agree, or disagree, the signs evoke emotion.

"They go to work, and they say 'over the weekend I saw on the overpasses that they had impeach Obama signs.' And so, then it starts a conversation within a collective group," said Ratcliff.

"Somebody wants to be a democrat, somebody wants to be a republican...be that. I'm not up here to change people's minds. I'm up here to get them to think," said West.

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