Indiana Law Makers Seek New Scooter Laws

Some Indiana lawmakers are fighting for stricter rules on the road, and they will not be for automobiles.

Some Indiana lawmakers are fighting for stricter rules on the road, and they will not be for automobiles. There are some changes drivers of motorized scooters could soon face.

Some state representatives are seeking new laws hoping to require things like registration,  licensing, and insurance for motorized scooter operators, and law makers are not the only ones wanting these changes. They have the support of numerous officials right here in the Tri-State. The roadway is a place all drivers share. From two wheels to more. Not everyone has to follow the same guidelines. "There's really nothing truly set in stone, that's the problem." Some Indiana law makers are determined to enact new state laws regulating the use of motorized scooters across the state. "Motorcycles, even 4-wheelers. We have laws for 4-wheelers and we don't have anything regulating this," says State Representative Ron Bacon. Bacon says he and fellow representative, Gail Riecken, and State Senator, Vaneta Becker, are starting a public petition drive to change the way scooters operate on the roadways. "They have no registration requirements, they have no licensing requirements, there is no ID requirements, that's our biggest problem," says Bacon.

It's not the first time law makers have fought for these new laws. Bacon says last year the proposal passed in the House, but did not get any further. Now representatives have a little help. The Evansville Police Department, the Mayor's office, Vanderburgh County Prosecutor, and many more, are all backing the petition. "We have an issue and we are all seeing it. It's not just one area that's seeing it. A lot of people wondering if we can get something done about it. They are very concerned, so how can you do that? That is to come together," says Bacon. With numerous accidents involving scooters, Representatives say now is the time for change. "When you're on a moped and you come in contact with another motor vehicle, you're going to get injured you're the one that's going to get hurt really, really badly." All working together, Bacon says it's about the drivers on the road. "This is not a political issue. Its a bipartisan issue for public safety."

The public will have the chance to sign this petition next Tuesday where it will be available at a booth during the National Night out event at Wessleman Park. It can also be found online.

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