Indiana Lawmakers Hear Testimony on HJR-3

Supporters and opponents of proposed constitutional amendment speak Monday in Indianapolis

The fate of the proposed constitutional amendment that bans gay marriage in Indiana is still in the air. The House Judiciary Committee went into recess this afternoon without taking a vote. It followed more than three hours of testimony from both sides of the issue today. Lawmakers on the committee heard from families, business leaders, and clergy over the issue that could have ramifications for years to come.

"I protect. That's what I do." Karen Kajzmowicz has protected the people of Evansville for 17 years as a police officer.

"We swore to serve and protect every person in Evansville with the same respect and dignity we would want afforded to our families," she told lawmakers Monday. But she fears HJR-3 will do anything but protect her and her family.

"Best case scenario: we remain stuck in the same place," says Kajzmowicz. "Worst case scenario: this conversation and legislation will take us back a step and even further from those protections we desperately need." Amendment opponents and supporters packed the house chamber and hallways, hoping lawmakers protect what they want protected."i'm a lesbian and I'm against gay marriage," says Reen Gutgsell of Jasper. She says she wants the amendment passed to protect her faith.

"i am a Catholic and I firmly believes what the Catholic faith teaches," she says. "I want to teach the children the right way. I don't see gay marriage as giving a very good example to children."

Jim Braker says he wants the institution of marriage PROTECTED. "We feel that they have the right to live their own lifestyle," he says. "But we don't feel that they should be married because marriage has been this way since the beginning of time." 

Representative Wendy McNamara tells us that today's testimony was cordial, even though it got heated at times between amendment supporters and some lawmakers. 

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