Intersection Work Stalled After Lawsuit Filed

Work at an intersection has been stalled over a dispute between contractors and state transportation officials.
It's been nearly two years since work started on the widening of Southtown Road in Owensboro. While most of the work is done, one intersection is still closed.

In life, there are obstacles, and sometimes -- you have to work to get over -- or around them.

"It'd be easier to have that street open instead of going around," says Brooke Cantoran of Owensboro.

But the intersection of Goetz and Southtown Boulevard is an obstacle that won't be opening for a while. That's because of a dispute between contractors and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet over sewer line installation. Contractors from Louisville sued the state and regional water resource agency over work they say wasn't in their bid and who pays for it. Among those affected: Burns Middle and Burns Elementary School. Daviess County school officials say their buses have been taking alternate routes to avoid the work. But for drivers, it's an obstacle they try to handle, but one that's not easy to get around.

"It is a pain when you don't have that road right there because you have to go all the way around the block to get around."

Many drivers hope the obstacle gets cleared in the courts, so the one on the streets can open again.

"If it opens back up, that would be great, especially before the school year gets over with,"  says Daniel Leonard of Owensboro."That would be definitely helpful for the bus drivers."

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