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Judge: Convicted Murderer Shows No Remorse

An Evansville man convicted of murdering his wife in a restaurant parking lot in June 2012 is sentenced to 115 years in prison.

An Evansville man convicted of murdering his wife in a restaurant parking lot in June 2012 is sentenced to 115 years in prison. Anthony Goffinet, 41, also received a habitual offender enhancement and a terminating a human pregnancy enhancement.

This marked the first time in Vanderburgh County history that a terminating a human pregnancy charge was filed and granted.

A jury convicted Goffinet of stabbing and killing his wife Katie in June 2012 outside of the Taco Bell on Green River Road. The couple's three year old daughter, Angel, witnessed the murder, according to investigators. Police say the couple started fighting at the Taco Bell and then Katie ran to the parking lot of the former Lone Star restaurant, where she worked. She later died at St. Mary's Hospital.

At his sentencing hearing Monday afternoon, Goffinet had a chance to apologize to his wife's family. He didn't.


He tried to hide his face on his way to court but Anthony Goffinet couldn't hid from his sentence once he got there.

"115 years is a lot of time but it doesn't bring her back," said Nick Hermann, Vanderburgh County Prosecutor. "It doesn't bring her unborn baby boy back. It's a difficult thing. I'd love to tell you that I'm thrilled and happy that the court gave the sentence it did but it still doesn't right that wrong."

Goffinet was sentenced to 65 years for murder, 30 years for the habitual offender enhancement and another 20 years for the termination of a human pregnancy enhancement.

"We're not going to bring Katie back," said Ernest Jones, Katie's father. "We're not going to bring the situation that developed this back. I feel for [Anthony] too. He'll never get to see the light of day again with this conviction but our society has to put limits on certain actions."
Katie's parents Ernest and Kathy jones, stared Goffinet down at his sentencing hearing especially when he made a statement to the court. Instead of apologizing or showing any sort of remorse, the judge ruled that Goffinet incessantly blamed the victim."

"That's not in his being," said Kathy Jones. "That's who he is and that speaks volumes."

"I think it would have carried weight with the judge had he apologized, had he apologized to the family," Hermann said. "I think our system is one that gives you a benefit for that and I think it would have affected his sentence had he done that."

Goffinet plans on appealing.


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