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Kathy Grossman: 10-24-13

She's part records clerk and part thrill-seeker. And now this Evansville woman is taking her community commitment to a whole new level. In this week's "Behind the Badge", we meet Kathy Grossman.
"Police Records, this is Kathy"

By day, Kathy Grossman works behind a desk in the records room at the Evansville Police Department.  But her life outside the records room is what caught our attention.

"I work front counter, answer phones, take reports, help the public, assist in any needs that they m ay have, assist officers in any information that they may need."

Last weekend this records clerk turned into a daredevil, jumping 876 feet off the new river gorge bridge in West Virginia as part of Bridge Day.

"The jump itself was terrifying."

For Kathy, the thrill wasn't the jump.  It's the cause that gets her going.

"I am terrified of heights.  But a lot of times, if you find a cause to help you get through something that you've been afraid of, your fears subside."

Kathy won a contest to jump off the bridge and won $1,000 for "It Takes a Village Canine Rescue" in Evasnville.

"That will take care of this week's vet bills."

It's a cause she's a big supporter of.

"She helps save dogs lives every day and helping us raise the money- jumping off the bridge for us- alot of people couldn't do that."

"I love dogs, I always have.  I just feel it's a calling."

And whether it's in the records room, or at It Takes a Village, Kathy gives every day her all.

"I wake up every day, i'm glad to be alive, I like to make the most out of my day-what i do with my job."

And so we salute Kathy Grossman, serving her community, behind the badge.
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