Keeping Students Safe, Henderson County Schools Try Something New

School officials announced their plan to shuttle high school students from their cars, to school doors, and give students of all grades transportation.

Their idea turns out to be a major success. Henderson County schools try something new, keeping students safe during the return of the dangerous temperatures.

School officials announced their plan to shuttle high school students from their cars, to school doors, and give students of all grades transportation.

Trying something new, for the sake of keeping their students safe, Henderson County Schools find a way to make it happen. Now, they say they will do it again tomorrow.

"Its really cold. I mean, it's blistering out here. It's just really terrible." Despite the sub zero wind chill this morning, students like senior, Sam Ralph, still had to get to class. Trying something different, Henderson County schools find a way to help. "The heater was rolling. People were just rushing right to it," says Ralph.

The school's Transportation Department decides to provide a shuttle this morning, taking students from their cars, right to the doors of the high school. "Whenever I first got to school and parked, you could see as the shuttle was making it's rounds. Just about every round, the bus was full. It was completely full. There were a bunch of kids riding it," says Ralph.

It was just one shuttle, but it made all the difference. Depending on where they park, the hike could have been around a half mile for some students. "Its good that they are realizing the situation that their students are having to go through. Its great that they took action and helped out the students," says Ralph.

That's not all they did to help keep students safe. School official, Jinger Carter, says the Transportation Department also came up with a plan to give rides to every student, even those in the non- transportable areas. It was mainly for the elementary schools like East Heights and Jefferson, who traditionally have more students walking. By adding extra buses and drivers, this too, was a success.

"Anytime you have something new, there are going to be a few kinks and glitches. Everything seemed to run very smoothly. We applaud everyone for being able to enact this very quickly, being able to provide the service for our students, and make sure everyone is warm," says Carter.

School Officials say, as long as the wind chill advisory is in effect, these new service will be, too.

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