Kentucky State Representative Ben Waide Served Lawsuit

Kentucky State Representative Ben Waide Served Lawsuit

Kentucky State Representative, Ben Waide, gives a comment after he's formally served a lawsuit, stemming from several allegations he misused company money.

Eyewitness News received a copy of that complaint, just after it was filed. We first contacted Representative Waide for a comment earlier today, but we were unable to speak with him before breaking this story on Eyewitness News. After reaching out again, Representative Waide says, 'this is a business dispute that seems to be used by the lawyers as a political attack.' He adds, 'this company has had integrity for over seven years, and I'm confident, and hopeful, that this will be resolved.'

This is a copy of the lawsuit filed by Lawrence Holmes and Jason Myers. The two are Representative, Ben Waide's, business partners at Liberty Rehabilitation in Madisonville, Kentucky. The suit claims Waide has been misusing the company's credit card. The business partners are represented by attorney John Whitfield. Whitfield says, Waide used company funds to buy adds for his campaign, which he says, is strictly illegal. Whitfield adds, his clients are considering filing a complaint with the Kentucky Registry of Elections Finance. Another part of this complaint, Whitfield says, is Representative Waide allegedly used business expenses for personal use. The lawsuit displays copies of receipts including massages at a hotel in St. Louis and tickets to a baseball game. Whitfield says these expenses do not relate to the type of expenses the rehabilitation business would require.

Another complaint filed in this lawsuit, that Waide allegedly used the company's card for gas expenses to and from legislative meetings. Whitfield says the state reimburses representatives for trips like that, and Waide allegedly pocketed the reimbursement.

Attorney Whitfield says the firm met with Representative Waide a few weeks ago in attempts to work the allegations out, but nothing was resolved.





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